Environmentally Friendly 100% Solids and Water Based UV and EB Curable Coatings


R & D Coatings, Inc. is a privately held company that specializes in the formulations, development, and manufacturing of UV (Ultraviolet) and EB (Electron Beam) curable finishes. Founded in 1989 on 100% solids UV and EB cure technology, we have expanded our product line to include water based finishes, water based stains, and water based UV finishes.

We remain dedicated to supplying environmentally friendly finishes to a variety of markets.

R & D's experienced technical staff is both innovative and responsive to customer needs. We take pride in our abilities to develop new and unique products for wood, plastic, and metal substrates. These products can be custom designed to meet our customer's specific coating requirements for both application method and physical properties.

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